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Authors: Stuart G. Bugg B.A., LL. B(Hons), M. Jur(Dist) / RAin Heike Simon
Year of Publication: 2nd revised edition, September 2009 
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London’s endless variety of sights

If you are not from London, most of you would probably like to visit this city at least once, as it has such a unique skyline, a countless number of iconic sights and so many great stories about real and fictional London heroes.

Britain’s capital offers something for everyone:

A long and interesting history, impressive architecture, as well as many museums and shopping possibilities. Even the use of public transport, taxis or phone kiosks is something very special in London. It is a city of contrasts, where British traditions and international influences exist at the same time, which I think is the key to its endless variety. Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Oxford Street, the Tube, Madame Tussauds or the London Eye are just a few.

In the categories London History, London Transport and London Attractions I will introduce you to this wonderful city, which is one of the most exciting places in the world.

Furthermore, I will also tell you once in a while about general news and facts of The City & Co in London.

London’s special guardians of law and order

Certainly, most of you know about the Detectives of Scotland Yard and the murder trials at the criminal court the Old Bailey, even if you have never been to London yet, as they feature in so many whodunnit mysteries or other stories located in London.

But what are the police and the criminal court really like in London?

When I started researching this question I found a lot of information and stories about real London heroes and also made some very interesting discoveries. I learnt that Scotland Yard are also officially known as the Metropolitan Police Service, that there is a second police force in addition to them, who are called the City of London Police and that the Old Bailey’s official name is the Central Criminal Court.

In my following articles I am going to introduce you to this and other information about these special guardians of law and order in the categories Scotland Yard, and the Old Bailey.

Once in a while, I will also provide you with general facts and news about Police & Co in London.

About me


London is full of heroes. They are in books, on screen, on stage, in the past and on today’s streets. They are everywhere and I am looking out for them.

But why am I doing this?

I am a German crime story writer and a student of culture and travel writing. I focus on whodunnit mysteries and London heroes, as I am passionate about any stories concerning London, the British police forces (especially Scotland Yard) and classic English whodunnit novels.

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©Photo: Mo Posala

Therefore, I research a lot. It is one of the most important and interesting activities I do before I start writing. Thanks to this I am able to explore new, extraordinary, real or even fictional places within the British Metropolis. This is all I need to find inspiration and information to pitch an idea. And since my research is so exciting, I’d really like to share some of it on this blog with everyone who is just like me:

I am always looking out for new and interesting stories about London heroes.

Have fun and enjoy exploring

Andrea Vasel

Der Auftrag: Whodunnit e-book crime mystery written by Andrea Vasel

If you are interested in learning more about my German crime fiction, this question might be of interest to you:

“Warum sollten ausgerechnet eine Londoner Kolumnistin und ein Scotland Yard Inspektor gemeinsam einen Mörder suchen?”


Der Auftrag – Whodunnit e-book crime mystery (Coverdesign: Lukinski & TI, London skyline: © Chris Willemsen,

About the story:

Anne Vauxhall ist Kolumnistin des gesellschaftskritischen Magazins The Investigator in London. Ermittlungen stehen bei diesem Magazin im Vordergrund, deshalb nimmt sich Anne in ihrer Kolumne der Probleme ihrer Leser an, geht den Ursachen auf den Grund und sucht nach Lösungen.

Aus diesem Grund zögert Anne auch nicht lange, als sie von einem ihrer Leser anonym um Hilfe gebeten wird. Doch Anne stellt dabei Recherchen über einen Mann an, der skrupellos und kriminell zu sein scheint. Das bringt sie in große Schwierigkeiten, aus denen ihr nur noch ihr guter Freund, Inspektor Mark Kent, von Scotland Yard heraushelfen kann. Mark muss allerdings aufpassen, dass er sich nicht selbst in die Sache verstrickt…


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For more information about me and my crime fiction please feel free to visit my German website: